Types Of Bed Frames For Different Needs

Currently, there are so many different types of bed frames on the market. They differ in terms of their purposes and their compatibility with certain mattresses. This evolution of bed frames just proves that purchasing one isn’t something that should be taken lightly. We cannot automatically expect that one specific type of bed frames is compatible with everyone. Listed below are examples of bed frames that you can choose from, depending on what you need:


Wooden bed frames are very popular because the finished product is always timeless. Having the element of wood in your home makes it feel earthy and natural. Wooden bed frames are also malleable in terms of design. With the right finishing varnish, it can go from vintage to modern. A wooden slat bed frame is ideal because it gives support both to the mattress and the sleeper. The downside of wooden bed frames is that they can be expensive. It is also hard to relocate these kinds of frames because they are heavy and usually non-collapsible.


Metal bed frames are definitely very modern. They would fit perfectly in a bedroom with a contemporary feel. They are also lightweight and easily collapsible which makes transferring a lot easier. However, these frames tend to be noisy and make creaking sounds every time the sleeper moves. It is also exposed to the potential problem of rusting. It requires regular maintenance, such as oiling the joints to avoid the creaking noises and repainting to avoid rust from setting in.

Storage Bed

Storage beds, also known as ottomans, are bed frames with available storage, as the name suggests. It is basically a huge box with a mattress on top. This is great because it provides you with an option to properly store things inside your bed frames. Considering that bedrooms are very private spaces, ottomans aid to that by providing a storage that can even be hidden from plain sight when camouflaged into the bed’s design. The only problem with storage beds is how difficult it is to transport them from one place to another due to its size and weight. These beds also tend to be very expensive.


This type encloses the entire boxed bed frame in a type of luxurious fabric. Popular choices include velvet and leather. It gives a very luxurious feel and the design is very contemporary. However, one disadvantage is how selective it is to the mattress that you have. For example, if the bed frame is velvet, then your mattress must be covered in velvet, too. Furthermore, these aren’t practical because they’re easy to stain and difficult to clean. They are also very expensive.

These aforementioned bed frame types serve different purposes. Be sure to settle with what you think fits your room the best. It must also provide you comfort as you sleep in style. Also, buy from a trustworthy company that is known to deliver quality bed frames. Otherwise, you will be making a bad investment.

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