Tips to help save space in your bedroom

It is a known face that there is a limited space for homes to be built in Singapore because Singapore is a very small country. Since you have limited space to play around with, then you will have a challenge to make more space in your bedroom but at the same time to have the sophistication and style still intact. Using a little innovation in the room will help you transform your room the layout and create more space.


If you need some help you can always do a Google search for bedroom design Singapore that can be applied for an adult or a child’s bedroom. This guide will give you a few tips that will help you save space.


The room with everything

There are desks that can be slide from under the bed and which allows you to save space and be organized at the same time. This furniture is usually called multi-purpose furniture and is comes with a single bed.


A room for two with storage

On a platform the bed will be propped up and the storage will be under the platform. The bed is usually placed near a corner or a window, which is highly recommended.


The hidden room

Compact bedrooms are placed in a separate area from the rest of your property, which can be accessed through a sliding door. This adds more privacy. There is not enough of space to move around, however, the bed has to be pushed near a wall and lamps are to be mounted on the wall itself.


The pod

The bed is put on a platform with sliding doors that allows privacy. The walls inside will have shelves that will serve as storage.


The saver of space

Imaging where you will have a bed, which is placed on top of shelves. There are cupboards that will enclose the bedroom area. You will have a side table and a bed at the same time! How exciting is that?


A bookshelf platform

You will be sleeping on top of your favourite things in the world – books. The bookshelves will act as a platform and your bed will be floating on top of what is can be termed as heaven for bookworms. It is stylish as well as will help you avoid any clutter in your room.

The workspace near the window

Placing the workstation near the window means that it will help one be creative because the light is support to illuminate your inspiration and be fully focused.There are a few more designs, which are more complex but is very innovative and can be used in properties in Singapore to bring out enough space for everyone

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