Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale

Selling a home is not simply packing your stuff and putting it out there for sale. Your house needs to be in good condition so that buyers will find it appealing and would consider buying it. A good seller should look into problems inside out, and not just leave them for the next buyer to fix. So here are few things you need to take care of, to make sure your house is up to the standard of the market’s potential buyers.

  1. Do necessary repairs

Correct plumbing problems since plugged drains and broken faucets are the most common problems new home owners face. Check all pipelines to see if there is any clogging or leaks. Check all external doors and windows for safety purposes. They need to lock properly; if not, consult a locksmith or install a new lock. If you live in a city that experiences frequent strong winds, you need to install storm doors. Look for cheap repairs such as installing a new bulb, mending ill-fitting drawers and fixing broken blinds.

  1. Keep it clean

You need to vacuum the carpet, mop the bathroom floors, clean the windows, polish the handles and keep your house spick and span, and ready to welcome the guests. Remove all clutter; throw away unnecessary bills, newspapers and mail, sell the old coffee table and maximize your room space. It would also be better if you can empty the drawers in the living room since that is where the buyers will linger. They will not open drawers in bedrooms if you still live there.

  1. Redecorate

Adding a few decorative items can increase the value of your house immensely. You can give the house a new coat of paint so that the walls look fresh and clean. If the current colour is monotonous, go for brighter colours since using colour is a trend with modern homes. If all walls are white, simply make one wall a brighter colour and add a few items to match. For example, add a royal blue wall and to complement, you can add a blue vase, blue couch cushions etc. It will instantly highlight these items. You can ask for better advice from a professional painting service.

  1. Landscape

This is somewhat the most important since your front garden is what the buyers will see first. Most people build an impression by just looking at the front garden and hence it needs to be beautifully maintained. Mow the lawn, plant some flowers, trim the hedges and also power-wash the driveways and walkways.



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