Professions that expect creativity

Every profession you could think of would require you to possess some level of creativity. Some professions would require more than the others. However, the ability to create, generate, develop and present novel ideas is a part of every industry and would be expected in the individual trying to get employed into the industry. But, there are certain professions who are thoroughly indulged in creative creations and they are presented for you to choose from.

Fashion designer

If you feel like the clothes out there are not helping you express yourself, then you should probably think of getting into fashion designing. It is not just any other industry, they are the trend setters. They will decide when to bring back the 90’s and when to give the world something new.

Interior designers

You might think that interior designers do not have anything to contribute or are just going to do as the customer wishes. However, most of the commercial interior design firm Singapore who employs these interior designers know that it is with the blend of the ideas and creativity of the designers with the ideas given by the clients which make the project successful.

Graphic designers

These people are the ones who have most job opportunities and there are always job vacancies for this position since literally every industry or organisation needs a graphic designer for a variety of reasons starting from the fact they are heavily required for any kind of advertisement.

Set designers

You read it right; there are a group of people who exclusively design the sets we enjoy seeing in our series or movies in. They work closely with the story writer, director and others in production and create the right set for the project. They would sketch and also help make sure the sketch is constructed as per the design.

Jewellery designers

There are people who work with well known jeweller sellers as designers and produce great designs which are exclusively belong to the particular brands. This is particularly a hard job but would require a great amount of patience and time. There are even people who are known as jewellers who work closely with the designers in creating their piece in some cases where metals like gold, silver and others are involved.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are other jobs which expects a high level of creativity. These jobs are similar to the boring corporate jobs but with a level of freedom. For example, marketing manager is also a post which is greatly creative but they are often clouded with bureaucracy and office politics.

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