Popular interior design themes

Looking for some great themes to decorate your interior? Look no more as you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some popular and trending themes that will create a comfy, warm look on your home. People tend to have different tastes and styles, specially when it comes to designing. That is why there is not one but many famous styles that tend to keep on having high demands. To help you out we’ve selected some themes that have become quite trendy recently. Check them out below.



This is not the typical modernism that people go for. In fact, you can call it somewhat mid-century. Minimalism, natural shapes, silhouettes and simplicity is what is mainly focus in here. You can blend these elements together to create a wonderful piece. Firstly, the colors of the walls should be simple and warm. You can select from the range of whites, grays available. The best part in this section is that you can use cement to bring out a natural look through the walls. Either way, these colors will be highlighting the natural light provided by the windows. Opting for large windows will definitely provide a brighter space to these types of homes. As for the flooring, going for natural materials like cement, wood will bring the beautiful space you hope for. You can use modern looking furniture made out of natural materials to blend naturalism and modernism together.



This is a total different theme. If you are someone with a carefree and adventurous spirit, this is for you. Bohemian tend to be on high demand due to the creativity it projects through the design. It won’t frame itself to a certain color or design. In fact, bohemian themes contain rich patterns, vibrant colors and all. going for bright colors like red, purple will bring out this theme. Or you can use these colors for the furniture and color the surrounding in neutral tones. Singapore painting services or services in your area will surely have the palette that suits this style. The furniture in this theme includes boho type materials, plants, tribal based items and so on.


Shabby Chic


If you are a vintage lover then this is your style. Whats special in this theme is that it includes a lot of antiques which can be easily purchased from flea markets and all. The furniture will give a old vibe and the walls and the basic surrounding will include white, rusty, pastel tones. If you want to go a bit further, add some vibrant colors.


The above mentioned themes are contrasting to one another which will make it easy for you to figure out what you desire. Don’t be afraid to mix and blend the themes to create your own masterpiece.



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