How to put a smile on someone’s face?

As human beings we feel the need to constantly comfort each other and make others feel good as it is part of who we are. Everyone goes through things in life and everyone faces good times and bad. How you help other people deal with the bad times will reveal a lot about you. You can help them by simply listening to them, smiling at them or going a step further and gifting them something.

Flower power

Put a smile on someone’s face by getting a  flower bouquet tulips  or roses, carnations, hydrangeas, daffodils and any other blossom you want. It is just a way of showing the other person how much you appreciate them and value them. It also reminds them that you are thinking about them which is a reminder that they may be in dire need of. Not all people feel the need to be acknowledged like this but there is nothing lost in doing so anyway. And it will make you feel good too. So never underestimate the joy that gifting a single flower can give to another person.

Beautiful words

Say nice things to the other person. Send them a text so they know that you are thinking of them, especially in the morning so that when they wake up they see a lovely text from you and cannot help but smile. Acknowledge what they have done for you, never forget to say ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ because we all need to feel appreciated once in a while. If you are not going to buy flowers online hk   then the least you can do is to say good and kind words to the other person as it costs you next to nothing. Genuinely compliment other people because then they will feel so much more confident and happier.

Smile and joke

If you are smiling, then the people who see your smile will almost automatically begin to smile too. I do not know how it works but it just does, try it out for yourself and see. So smile constantly and others will smile too. You can also tell hilarious jokes. The cornier the joke, the bigger the smile on the other persons face. Bad jokes really crack people up too sometimes.

Be caring, be loving, be kind, be merciful and be just to all the people whom you meet and interact with. Do not be a source of anyone’s grief. Always make sure to look out for other people and take care of them if the need arises.  And do not forget to smile.

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